Beach Hopping Along The Turkish Coast

Ask anyone who knows me and they will all agree on one thing, I am obsessed with Turkey – the food, the people, the culture and history, the architecture, the shopping; you name it. But the one thing that I obsess over the most? The coastline. Now, I’m Australian – so I’d like to think I know a thing or two about good beaches, so trust me when I say there are few coastlines as impressive as Turkey. Sparkling clear warm waters, cheap beach side clubs and sailing on gülets (traditional boats) make for a truly memorable experience. Having been to Turkey four times I’d say I’m one trip away from being stopped in the airport and offered citizenship. This year I travelled with several of my very good friends and had such an amazing time that I just wanted to share a few bits and bobs to hopefully inspire you to visit one of the most beautiful places on earth.


IMG_1412 IMG_1410 IMG_1408 IMG_1432

Check out those Adriatic blues. Honestly, how much closer to heaven can you get? When we arrived in Antalya we all agreed we felt like we had hit the jackpot. A much needed break from the chaos of Istanbul, Antalya was free from the usual hoards of foreign tourists who cruise the Med each summer. You know you’re onto something good when it’s just you and the locals enjoying unspoilt beaches and hidden seaside clubs. Away from the beach (but seriously, why would you ever want to leave) are gorgeous marble streets lined with cafes, restaurants, bars and small shops selling traditional Turkish fare. The atmosphere is so relaxing that after a few days you feel recharged and ready to rejoin the hustle and bustle of Europe.

We stayed at Agatha Lodge and More  which I would highly recommend. It was great value, the rooms were large and clean with air-conditioning (what ever you do, always book a place with air-conditioning if you’re visiting during the summer) and the location was unbeatable. The only downside I will admit is that there wasn’t a pool, which a couple of the surrounding hotels did have. Just meaning that on days when you’re too lazy to brave the heat and head for the beach you don’t really have another option to cool-down.



After Antalya we headed deep into the Turkish jungle where we experienced what life would be like if we lived on the set of Jurassic Park (fucking surreal, incase you’re wondering). While Kabak is only a few hours from Antalya it took us 8 hours to reach our little paradise by taxi/coach/local bus/jeep. The resort is much easier to access from Dalaman Airport or the town of Fethiye.

IMG_1531 IMG_1521 IMG_1518  IMG_1457

We spent a week at Turan Hill Lounge where we basically slipped into a holiday coma (that, or we just melted into sweaty blobs – we haven’t quite worked that one out yet). This remote resort is an assembly of huts, camping grounds and tree houses all thrown together in a deep valley on the beach.  Because it’s a little bit of a trek I would recommend staying for at least four days to make the journey worth your while. If you stay a little longer and feel like a change of pace there are plenty of day-trip and activity options which can be organised through the hotel or independently (including trips to Olüdeniz where there are lots of adventure tours on offer). The beach, popular with travelling hippies who seem to have made themselves quite at home, is an easy walk from the resort, though there is also a quiet pool with a great lounging area if you prefer to stay closer to home.

Because I spent most of the trip in the aforementioned holiday coma I’ve stolen some promo shots (below) from the resorts website to give you a proper idea of just how incredible this place was!

phoca_thumb_l_Turan Hill Lounge - The Lounge - 122 phoca_thumb_l_Turan Hill Lounge - The Lounge - 87 phoca_thumb_l_Turan Hill Lounge - The Lounge - 73 phoca_thumb_l_Turan Hill Lounge - The Lounge - 54 phoca_thumb_l_Turan Hill Lounge - The Lounge - 44

3 thoughts on “Beach Hopping Along The Turkish Coast

  1. Wow!! I didn’t realise that Turkey had so many different types of scenery! I haven’t checked out the rest of your blog yet but did you come down through Europe or go straight to Turkey? It seems to be classified as “unsafe” at the moment but what’s your opinion based on being there? I’d love to go next year when I spend a year abroad! The beaches look amazing!


    1. Hi I am so sorry for my late reply, for some reason I never saw my comments section on the blog. Thanks so much for checking my post out. I’ve been to Turkey four times and always made my way there from other spots in Europe, but my friends met me there from Australia and had no problems finding flights/arriving. In terms of safety I’ve never once had any problems. Turkish people are incredibly kind hearted and very welcoming of travellers so I couldn’t recommend the country enough (not to mention the stunning scenery and amazing food). I also did an 8 day sail there with Busabout a few years ago which was one of my travelling highlights so if you’re looking for a great way to relax and see some of the stunning med coast that’s a great option. Would also have to recommend Cappadocia which is otherworldly. Hope this help you with making your travel plans. Enjoy your holidays, safe travels 🙂

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