Dodgy Disposables: Europe on Film

When I first moved to Europe in 2011 I shot literally thousands of photos on disposable cameras that I got from the supermarket (don’t be fooled, this was a very ridiculously expensive hobby but they remain one of my most prized possessions). No wonder then that 5 years later when I went back and lived in Edinburgh I wanted to shoot on disposables again. Some have made it into their own specific posts but a lot are just random (favourite) faces and locations that I’ve thrown together here. Nevertheless they represent some of my fondest travel memories. It is so great to have something tangible rather than 1000’s of digital photos that you never do anything with.

So here they are, a collection of 35mm film shots from Edinburgh, Hamburg, Bremen, Berlin and London in no particular order.

Edinburgh Film 1

edinburgh film 2
My last night in Edinburgh (my home for a year) with my roommate.
edinburgh film 3
Nude drawing at Cabaret Voltaire in Edinburgh, definitely worth checking out!

edinburgh film 4Edinburgh Film

Edinburgh Film1
Made my friend a cake with her name on it.

Edinburgh Film2 1Edinburgh Film2

film 1
Ruby feat. Edinburgh Castle

film 2film 3film 4film 5film 6filmfilm 25film 26film 27

film 28
Breakfast Club in Spitalfields, London
film 29
Met these kids 5 years ago on exchange in Vienna. Pretty cool that we still get to hang out together in different parts of the world!
film 30
My #1

Scan 6

film 18
Cocktails in Hamburg. Lucy is a really great photographer.

film 19

film 20
A very hot stranger (who sadly we didn’t realise was hot until the photos were developed)
film 21
PRIDE in Hamburg

film 22film 23

morocco film 4
The downside with trusting strangers with your film camera.
morocco film 5
Bremen, Germany.
morocco film 6 copy
Summer in Berlin. Melting into the sidewalk in Kreuzberg.

Scan 8

film 24
Dinner in Upper Austria with my ‘Nana’

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