#21 Be maid of honor at my best friend’s wedding

Of all Sarah’s bucket list items, this was hardest for me to read. Sarah and her sisters always talked about being in each others’ weddings. In fact the very night before she died, we went on a walk as a family and their weddings were discussed in depth. The idea of one of them not being present never entered any of their or our minds.

Since Sarah’s death two of her sisters have married without her and the pain of her absence there, as always, was indescribable. The instant I saw this bucket list item in writing I wept. Impossible. We can’t do this one for her, and it’s heartbreaking.

Less than a week after rediscovering Sarah’s bucket list I had lunch with a dear friend whose daughter recently became engaged to be married. Neither she nor her daughter knew anything about Sarah’s bucket list. As soon as we sat down together she almost immediately began telling me how wedding planning was bittersweet because her daughter had wanted Sarah to be her maid of honor and was so grieved she could not be there. Her words were like a balm to my heart.

Knowing Sarah’s precious friend had wanted Sarah as her maid of honor was treasure enough, but not long after she blessed us even more. She dropped by for a visit on November 21st, 2021, bearing a special gift for Sarah, at least in part fulfilling bucket list item #21.

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